first day in australia

australia? i usd to imagaine about australia when i was ther in Nepal. many question used to rises in my mind about Australaia.i used to think how australia was? how the people are? how the life style does people have? lot many question came in my mind. i have started my process to australia in june 2008.i waited a lot.i waited for more than 2 year. than i finally in 5 july i got the date to proceed toward australia. i got date for 5 august. i was very happy that day. on 29 july i have my premedical. tommarow is my day to leave beldangi and proceed toward morning next day i started my walk toward my journey. than ay 3pm i  landed in kathamandu airport(tribhuwan airport). one thing was intresting thing that day, that i travel in plane for the first time. so this day was my one of the remarkable and remembering day in my life. i wil never forget that day.

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i know my self


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who know whom

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Hello world!

Language of instruction

Instruction to student

This is the test for your ability to follow written instructions. You need to work quickly to finish tis test within 3 minutes. donot begin until teacher tell you.Read every thing carefully before you began.

  1. Read every thing carefully before you began
  2. Put  name in the bottom right hand corner of this pages.
  3. Circle the word “name” in sentence 2.
  4. sigh your name in the back of your pages.
  5. Put an “X” in  the bottom left corner of the page.
  6. Draw a triangle around the”X” you have just drew.
  7. If you think you have followed all the instruction carefully write your post code in  top left corner of this page.
  8. Underline all the odd number’s on the page.
  9. Write  the time in the space below. if  you have no watch, check the clock on the wall or in your mobile phone.
  10. Turn this page over and write ‘”i am a good student”.
  11. Fold this pages in half.
  12. Now that you have finished reading everything carefully, do only number1 and 2.
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